Teacher: Mr Hunt

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hope


Y6 Curriculum Map

Star of the Term 

Congratulations to Henry who is star of the term in class 6.  Henry has been trying really hard in all curriculum areas and has worked hard especially with his writing.  He frequently takes part in class discussions and always works to the best of his ability.  Henry has showed perseverance is maths this term when solving difficult problems.  Henry also completes all his homework and reads frequently.  Keep up the good work Henry!


Friday 7th December 2018

Eva is our star of the week.  Eva has been doing some excellent fractions work in  maths.  She was able to add and subtract fractions with different denominators.  She worked really hard and showed a wonderful understanding.  Well done Eva.


Friday 30th November 2018

Max has been work really hard in RE this week.  He gives very detailed answers and provides thought provoking questions for the rest of the class.  Max has continued this good work when recording his ideas.  Well done Max.


Friday 23rd November 2018

Well done Bethany you were star of the week.  You did really well in maths when we were continuing a pattern and finding the nth term in a sequence.  You challenged yourself and formed an algebra expression.  Keep up the good maths work Bethany!


Friday 16th November 2018

Congratulations to Oskar, who is our Star of the Week.  This week in English we have been writing balanced arguments.  In order to celebrate ‘Parliament Week’ we researched and wrote a balanced argument about ‘Should Britain leave the EU?’  Oskar produced an excellent piece of writing with the main text features and used some statistics to back up his main points.  Well done Oskar!